1,000 Genomes haplotypes -- 2010 interim release in NCBI build 37 (hg19) coordinates

   --These files are based on a sequence data freeze from 04 Aug 2010; the phased haplotypes were released Dec 2010.

   --The haplotypes were inferred from sequence data by Beagle at the Broad Institute.

   --The original haplotypes can be downloaded as VCF ("variant call format") files from the 1000 Genomes FTP site.

Haplotype, legend, sample, and genetic map files
Download packages (warning: large files)
These downloads contain reference data for 629 individuals with recent ancestry from Africa (AFR), East Asia (ASN), and Europe (EUR). There is a small overlap between panels because some recently admixed individuals from the Americas were included in multiple ancestry groups.

We no longer recommend using these panels because they have been superceded by a newer data release from the 1,000 Genomes Project; you can download the new reference data here.